Hair Transplant – What’s in and What’s New

Hair transplant surgery has undergone many changes over the last 70 years. After a classical FUT method, an FUE hair transplant technique was invented. However, the changes, even though subtler, are still going on, giving more hope and more comfort to patients who struggle with hair loss.

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In this article, we would like to mention the trends and novelties which currently gain prominence in plastic surgery clinics across the globe. We want to make sure that you will be in touch with the latest developments and who knows, maybe you will be the one to try them out and enjoy the best results possible.

The Precision with Robotic Hair Transplant

newest hair transplant techniques

When it comes to robotic hair transplant, ARTAS is the company the doctors mostly talk about. They constantly develop newer, more precise robots. These, in turn, are responsible nowadays not only for hair grafting but also for placing the grafts in the recipient area with the supervision of the doctor. Robotic hair transplant is currently probably the most technically advanced technique of fighting with hair loss. It provides for more precise excisions and planting but also makes the recovery shorter and less painful.

It is possible to find clinics offering robotic hair transplant in Turkey and other medical tourism destinations. Therefore, you can enjoy not only the highest quality possible but also affordable prices of the procedure.

The Future is Here: Hair Cloning

hair cloning experimental progress

Hair cloning has a pretty suggestive name already. Basically, it is a procedure involving cloning of hair follicles outside of the donor’s body. Later on, multiplied new follicles can be implanted in the recipient area.

Hair cloning transplant will also have another use – once the method is accepted, young people will be able to have removed and stored hair grafts in anticipation of future hair loss. This way, young and healthy hair will undergo hair cloning and end up in the donor area once one starts becoming bald.

However, we cannot say when will hair cloning be available to the public. Currently, it is in the experimental phase. Specialists and governmental agencies want to make sure that the technique is viable and brings positive long-term results. Hence, cloning of hair follicles, for now, remains unavailable at plastic surgery clinics.

Not Only Scalp Anymore – Beard Transplant and Eyebrow Transplant

beard transplant costs in turkey

While beard transplant, mustache transplant, and eyebrow transplant have started as a small niche, nowadays they gain increasing popularity. There are a few reasons for such a situation.

First of all, fashion trends and subcultures springing up in the last 10 years or so have brought back the thick, manly hair as the symbol of manliness. As a result, men try to achieve this ideal but they aren’t always successful. Increasingly positive mustache and beard transplant results allow the increasing number of men every year to enjoy. As in the case of scalp hair, in beard transplant, FUE technique allows for precise removal of hair grafts and is generally preferred by specialists. As for the eyebrow transplant, it finds use in patients suffering from dermatological issues. Additionally, it is a solution for people who have thin eyebrows and wish them to be thicker.

Both beard transplant and eyebrow transplant recovery process resemble the classical hair transplant recovery. After initial falloff of new hair, they regrow within 9-12 months.

From-Arm-to-Head Hair Transplant?

chest to scalp hair transplant

One of the new hair transplant methods involves the body hair. Donor area on the back of the patient’s head is usually up to 5000 follicles. This often is not sufficient to cover large bald areas. Unless one wants to wait for hair cloning to become mainstream, hair grafts from other body parts such as chest, arms, and legs is a viable alternative.

Fortunately, hair adapts to their new environment and grow on your scalp as if they were scalp hair from the beginning. Specialists conducting hair transplants increasingly use them in hair restoration procedures.

While excising body hair, doctors use FUE hair transplant technique since the body hair is too scarce to utilize FUT method.

Robotic Hair Transplant Guide

Hair loss, unfortunately, causes sadness and lack of confidence in many people. Although there is a problem seen in every generation, we are really lucky that there are many aesthetic or cosmetic solutions to this problem today. With the increase in the number of people seeking solutions in the field of plastic surgery, there is a significant increase in the number of experienced doctors and clinics.

Hair transplantation techniques used for hair loss problems are continuously improving. Experts who are constantly working to find the most painless, shortest, easiest and natural application are developing new techniques. With the new techniques they have developed, they make many people feel excited and more hopeful. In this article, we will take a look at the most up-to-date and technological one of these techniques: Robotic Hair Transplant. We will review the details, advantages, and cost of this latest technology which has been increasing its success and popularity.

robotic hair transplant in turkey

How Robotic Hair Transplant Works?

Robotic Hair Transplant technique was found in the USA in 2010. It is still in development since the day it was found. It is the newest technique for many countries including Turkey. Because of its practicability and accuracy, we assume that it will become one of the most-preferred techniques in the near future.

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Before the procedure, the surgeon takes photos of the head of the patient from different angles and transfers them to the computer to create a 3D view. With this view, the surgeon can determine hair quantity, quality, regional necessities, follicle directions, and angles. Thanks to this preliminary preparation, all the steps of the process become clear. After this preparation, the entire application may easily complete with a single session lasting 7-8 hours.

In Robotic Hair Transplant system, the robot collects grafts with the least mistake. The aim of the robot is to gather the strongest hair follicles in the best quality. When the robot is operating, the operator on the computer can control it when necessary. When the operator doesn’t control it manually, the robot automatically detects the hair grafts that it will take. An important advantage of the Robotic Hair Transplant hair is that it does not damage the existing healthy hair while collecting the grafts.

The robot completes another task during the Robotic Hair Transplant procedure. This task is channel opening. Everyone has a different hair direction and a density that hair should be planted. The robot reads the hair roots through the optical reader and opens the channel without damaging the existing ones.

Patients generally become very happy after seeing their results. Because in this particular technique, it is applying special hair designs according to the hair loss density and hair types.

Are You Eligible For Robotic Hair Transplant?

Robotic Hair Transplant is suitable for both men and women. The best phase of hair loss for this operation is the front hair loss with the width of a hand.

When It Recovers Totally?

Patients can continue his/her life routine just one day after the operation. They should follow the post-application appointments carefully. Their surgeons will advise some applications for following after the operation. For example, the ice bags to apply, medicines to take and shampoos and creams to use. The average total recovery time of this technique is approximately 10 days.

Comparing Robotic Hair Transplant With Other Hair Transplant Techniques

When we compare the Robotic Hair Transplant with the other techniques such as FUT, FUE, and DHI, we can easily say that there are many advantages of this latest technique.

First of all, the hair transplant robot minimizes the potential errors of the manual applications. Because of the robotic system, computer-based movements, optical reader and 3D hair design process, Robotic Hair Transplant works perfectly. It can be more successful than the traditional hair transplant techniques such as FUE, FUT, DHI, which are performed manually by the surgeons.
Although there are many well-experienced surgeons performing the other techniques, everyone aware that we, as human beings, cannot perform as faultless as a computer.

The second advantage of this technique is also about the being faultless, actually. The hair transplant robot doesn’t damage the stem cells and existing healthy hair while collecting and planting the grafts.

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3D Technology

3D visual preparation is another advantage of Robotic Hair Transplant. The doctor can examine the head structure and level of hair loss before the operation with this technology.

In the other hair transplant techniques, there could be extra sessions to complete the transplantation. And it takes some extra time to wait to see the results. But the Robotic Hair Transplant is much faster than the other techniques. Because the robot can gather many grafts thanks to its special structure.

Lastly, there is a considerable difference between the recovery times of Robotic Hair Transplant technique and the other ones. Robotic Hair Transplant recovery period lasts 10 days totally. Post-operation complications such as swelling of the eyes or forehead are not reported in this technique because during channel opening, the robot doesn’t apply serum under the skin.
One particular disadvantage could be the newness of the Robotic Hair Transplant. Because of its newness, there are not too many surgeons can work as a robotic system operator yet.

robotic hair transplant results

How Much Does Robotic Hair Transplant Cost?

Although the Robotic Hair Transplant is a brand-new technique starting to use in Turkey, there are many good clinics. The cost of this technique is naturally a bit more expensive than the other techniques of FUT, FUE, and DHI. If you are a bit closer to choose this application, you may adjust your budget according to the cost between € 1,500- € 2,500.

What Do You Know About DHI Hair Transplant?

As the demand for hair transplant increases, the studies on techniques continues without stopping. Both men and women who tend to have a hair transplant operation are beginning to investigate the latest techniques and trying to figure out the best one for themselves. In addition to the classic FUT and almost standardized FUE techniques, a new technique called DHI (Direct Hair Implant) is becoming more and more popular now. In DHI hair transplant technique, the surgeon does not use stitches, scars, and incisions. The hair follicles taken from the donor area are placed directly into the bald area with the help of a special tool.

In this technique, the number of grafts is satisfied, the operation time is long, the pain level is low and the cost is a little bit higher.

In this article, we will go deeper in DHI hair transplant technique by answering the FAQ of it.


Frequently Asked Questions About DHI Hair Transplant

dhi hair transplant 1. Does DHI Hair Transplant Hurt?

This one is one of the most wondered questions about this technique. Because as everyone aware, hair transplant operation contains some pain in its nature. Therefore, the people who decide to have a hair transplant operation, start to worry about the pain level of their own treatment. And when they hear about a new hair transplant technique, the first question they ask becomes that “Does this method hurt?”

Good news that DHI hair transplant technique has a very low pain level. Because, in this particular technique, there is no need to transplant the hair follicles one by one into the incision the surgeon opens. There is a tool looks like a pen is using in DHI hair transplant technique. The surgeon removes the grafts from the donor area and puts them into the hairless area with the same move. There is no waiting time used in this technique. As a result of this, the hair quality is much higher than other FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques.

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2. Does DHI Hair Transplant Treatment Cause Bleeding?

As there is no incision or suture in the area where hair transplantation is to be performed, the bleeding risk is reduced as much as possible. Thus, the healing process is much shorter. Thanks to the special tool used in DHI hair transplant, the surgeon performs the whole transplantation process without any incision. The surgeon removes the grafts with a surgical pen varying between 0.6 mm and 1 mm in thickness. Then he/she cleans and transfers the grafts to the head skin without using any channel. Therefore, there is no important bleeding in this DHI hair transplant operation method.

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3. Is There Any Special Shampoo to Use After DHI Hair Transplant Session?

There are some recommendation shampoos of the clinics for the post-DHI hair transplant session. The most important thing about this issue is about certification. The shampoos you will apply to your head during DHI treatment should be certified by the Ministry of Health. There are of course many malfeasances on this field as it happens in every field of health, unfortunately. Therefore, to learn the most appropriate products for yourself, you may ask to your clinic and/or surgeon directly.

4. Do I Have to Shave My Head Before DHI Hair Transplant Operation?

dhi hair transplant

There is no need for shaving in DHI hair transplant technique, the surgeon trims only the hair of donor area. On the contrary, in FUE and FUT techniques, you need to shave your whole scalp before the procedure.

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5. How Long Does It Take to Return to Work After DHI Hair Transplant Treatment?

Normally, you may go back to your daily responsibilities just on the following day. You need to be careful about completely fulfilling the treatment instructions that your surgeon gives you. Although there is no need for any gap, you may prefer to take a week off to rest well after the operation.

6. How Long Does It Take to See Final Results?

Just like the other cosmetic surgeries, it may last almost 1 year to see the final result. However, you will be able to see the positive improvement in 3-4 months after the DHI hair transplant operation.

7. Is the DHI Procedure Suitable for Women?

dhi hair transplant women

Yes, there is no difference in gender for DHI hair transplant operation. You, as both women and men, can take advantage of this technique with total peace of mind. And after the whole treatment is done, you can enjoy your new look!

8. Can I Have DHI Hair Transplant Treatment If I Have Already Lost A Lot of Hair?

The surgeon uses especially back of the head to transplant the hair to the hairless area. But if you do not have hair in this area, it is not a problem. The surgeon can use other parts of your body for this purpose. The important point of this alternative is to define the quality of the other hairy area of your body. If you consult your clinic, they can guide you to define the most appropriate part as a donor area.

Beard Transplant – How Does It Work?

What most men want is to grow a full, thick beard as long beards are trending recently. That is why beard transplant is rising in popularity. Beard transplant allows you to achieve the full beard that you desire in a relatively small period of time. Hair follicles are taken from the scalp as the follicles resemble the structure of a beard. Then, the surgeons place them on your beard or moustache.

Different Grafting Methods

can beard hair be transplanted

There are two major methods of hair removal from the donor area. Most common methods are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). If you are already familiar with the hair transplant procedure, this information will not be surprising for you. Both of these procedures resemble the process of a hair transplant closely. The FUE beard transplant is the most commonly used technique in the procedure. In this type of extraction, they graft follicles one by one from the scalp, leaving small round scars behind. This type gives the patient less discomfort, offers less recovery time. In addition, the scars are far less noticeable than of FUT. A FUT transplant involves taking a strip of tissue from the donor area, leaving a single, linear scar at the donor area.  FUT offers higher likelihood of thickness because it is possible to graft more hair follicles. This gives the doctor more grafts to work with.

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Things to Consider: Beard Transplant Cost and Effectiveness

The paragraph above summarizes how the procedure takes place in a nutshell. However, there are other issues to talk about such as the cost and the effectiveness of the procedure. Beard transplant cost is a huge issue because the procedure is not cheap. The quality of the procedure and the expertise of the physician are the most non-negligible factors, as well.  So, is it possible to get quality treatment at a reasonable price? Most people turn to medical tourism to find quality and good bargains at the same place. For example, beard transplant in Turkey is much less costly than Europe.  Jumping to the second factor to consider is the permanence of the transplanted hair.  You will experience hair shedding in the first two weeks after the procedure. But there is no need to worry. The hair shedding is part of the process and the transplanted hair will grow back shortly after. Even though there is a possibility that a second session of transplant will be needed, generally one session is enough to give you the full beard you dreamt of.

Could They Possibly Have a Hair Transplant?!

While we are used to seeing a celebrity with hair transplant, some of the people listed below would never come to our minds. Here is our list of unobvious examples of celebrities who could have had a hair transplant.

Elon Musk

elon musk hair style

The man behind Tesla SpaceX, and the Boring Company, Elon Musk seems like a real-life Tony Stark and a technological superstar. Some wouldn’t expect Elon Musk get hair transplant, for we associate such people with caring more about science than about themselves. However, we have news for you –most probably he had this procedure done. Comparing the photos from 2000’s and today, there is a significant improvement when it comes to his hair. Get over it – scientists also want to feel good with their appearance.




Chris Martin

coldplay chris martin

Chris Martin and his group Coldplay have been around for a while now. Their music was an inspiration for many and the singer himself may become one for people with hair loss issues. He is thought to be another example of a celebrity with hair transplant. For Chris Martin, hair transplant could be a way to match his strong and recognizable voice with ever-young appearance. We cannot say it was a bad decision!






Hugh Laurie

hair transplant of celebritiesWhile there is a huge gossip regarding whether Hugh Laurie is another celebrity with hair transplant, we need to disappoint you. His often shifting appearance suggests that famed Doctor House is rather an expert in covering up his baldness for his roles. Still, not being an FUE hair transplant celebrity isn’t always that bad. Hugh Laurie openly jokes about his hair and seems to be at peace with his appearance. And after all – being happy with the way you look is the ultimate aim of all cosmetic surgeries.


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Thom Yorke

thom yorke change over years

Thom Yorke and his characteristic voice make many of us thrill when we listen to the songs of Radiohead. His deep thoughts and many ways he tries to make this world a little better also not remain unnoticed. However, he remains a mystery in many aspects. For example, while he appears in many sites with hair transplant celebrity pictures, has he had the procedure? Some claim it’s a wig, others insist on him being one of the celebrities who made hair transplant. Without Thom Yorke telling us, probably we will never really know.


Edward Norton

hair transplant of celebrities

Edward Norton is an acclaimed actor who starred in movies such as American History X and Fight Club. While his performance is always superb, his hair wasn’t always such. His receding hairline from the 90’s is often confronted with more contemporary photos in hair transplant celebrity pictures compilations. As it happened with others in this list, with Edward Norton we aren’t quite sure but the evidence is strong. More likely than not, he had an FUE hair transplant. After all, when it comes to hair transplant, famous actors are just like us – we all want to look good and get rid of signs of aging.

Adam Levine

hair transplant of celebrities

Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 have conquered our hearts with hits like Move Like Jagger, This Love, and many others. For many, he is a symbol of male beauty – People even gave him the title of the Sexiest Man Alive. Still, he’s only a man and another subject of speculation. Is he yet another celebrity with hair transplant? His bold move to shave bald a couple of years ago has triggered a fierce debate regarding the state of his hair. Nowadays, he sports his longer hair again and while he is often listed among celebrities who made hair transplant, we will never really know.

David Beckham

hair transplant of celebrities

Apart from his achievements in football, David Beckham hairstyle remains an inspiration to many. After several years in the 2010’s when the football star struggled with receding hairline and thinning hair, nowadays we can again witness David Beckham with long hair. Is it magic or a discreet doctor’s intervention? Some suggest natural ways of hair restoration, while others want to see this miracle as the result of the hard work of a surgical team. David Beckham hair transplant will likely remain a mystery.



Chris Evans

captain america hairChris Evans is Captain America. It is as simple as that. The 37-year admitted as early as in 2011 that he struggles with the hair loss and wondered about his future in this unforgettable role in Marvel Universe. However, now we have 2018 and Chris Evans’ hairstyle remains a source of inspiration for many. It is hard to say what caused the restoration of his hair. Some would like to say that Chris Evans’ new hair is the result of a hair transplant, while others claim it is the result of a good diet and other natural hair rejuvenation methods. We can’t say either – is he a celebrity with hair transplant? What do you think?

Guide To Having a Hair Transplant In Turkey

As everyone knows, Turkey is the leader country of hair transplant operation. The reason for this leadership is related to more than one factor. In Turkey, we can easily adapt to the latest hair transplant techniques. There are many experienced and successful surgeons here. Most of our clinics are well-equipped and professional. The prices are very competitive and wallet-friendly. And of course, Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  Apart from the local patients, each year thousands of people coming from different countries abroad, prefer Turkey for their hair transplant operations. If you search well and check the reviews, you may see that there are plenty of satisfied people (both men and women) have a hair transplant in Turkey. And you can become one of them if you want to have a smooth process.

Now, we would like to list here all necessary points, for the ones who interested in hair transplant Turkey alternative.

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Find The Right Doctor / Clinic For Your Hair Transplant in Turkey

hair transplant in turkey best clinics

As with all cosmetic surgeries, it is more important than everything to entrust yourself to the experts in their field. Therefore, do not rush, take your time to search all of the alternatives deeply. There are offline/online many channels to get the information for hair transplant in Turkey. There are people who recommend their doctors and the clinics. And it is not difficult to meet the best one, because Turkey is like a heaven for it.

We are one of them. Each and every doctor working in our clinic have performed thousands of successful operations. They are still improving themselves to adapt and apply the new approaches and technologies. They are very well-educated in this field and have a past with great success.

Hair transplant equipment is always updated and renewed in our clinic. You will feel comfortable and safe during the whole hair transplant in Turkey process with us.

Check The Clinical Facilities For Hair Transplant in Turkey

Clinical facilities are as important as the technical and technological installations. Find the answers about the opportunities of the clinics while you are searching hair transplant in Turkey.

Does the clinic provide you a good hospitality? Do they guide you to the good hotels? What are your privileges for transfer services and plane tickets? Do they offer you a good price for these opportunities? Don’t hesitate to ask this kind of questions to each clinic, if you cannot find any satisfied information on their websites.

We provide all these facilities in our clinic. You don’t need to worry about the services you get from us during your hair transplant in Turkey.

Talk About The Techniques To Be Applied For Hair Transplant in Turkey

As you know, there are several techniques applied in hair transplant in Turkey. From the oldest to the latest, you may need to know which one is the most suitable for you. Because of it, you have to define your need for hair transplant operation. Your doctor and clinic should inform you about their methods and equipment they use.

In our clinic, the decision of the technique is one of the most important topics. We assume all patients as unique. Each person needs different approaches while having a hair transplant in Turkey. After an effective first conversation, we can present the best procedure for you. You may select one from your options. Our doctors examine your expectation, by listening to you and by seeing your pictures or directly yourself, if possible.

See The Pictures of The Operation That The Doctor Performed Before

The past works of the doctors and also of the whole clinic are always important. You can check the before and after pictures of the patients who had a hair transplant in Turkey. Websites of the clinics or the doctors themselves show these pictures to the people in your condition. It is very important. Don’t decide without seeing any before and after pictures of the operation that the doctor performed before.

We are a transparent clinic for this opportunity. There are various pictures of the operation that our doctors performed before. You may see the details with these pictures, e.g. the whole story, the applied techniques, the duration etc. and catch the general idea about the hair transplant in Turkey.

hair transplant package turkey

Take A Look At The Patient References of Hair Transplant in Turkey

You can strengthen your decision by reading the references of patients. There are many patients who have a hair transplant in Turkey and they know the importance of your reviews. They usually leave their comments on the website of the clinic and the doctors. They tell their whole stories about their operation of hair transplant in Turkey with a great sincerity. Find these comments, reviews, and recommendations. This is one of the best ways to find the good doctor and the good clinic.

How proud we are, our former patients are so satisfied with the service they got from us. They always express their feelings in a positive way. We are a people-oriented clinic. So that, this is our priority to have positive comments and good references from our patients about their experience of hair transplant in Turkey.

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Check The Prices of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Price is also very important. It is true that hair transplant is not a cheap operation. And it should be like this. Because it is a specialization-required operation that needs to perform with the help of a good attention and accurateness. Be aware of the average prices of hair transplant in Turkey and do not accept less price than average. There might be a service shortage behind that dramatical low prices. Learn the details of the prices well. The opportunities being included or excluded is important. And honestly, it can easily be manipulated.

Check: Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

We always provide our guests a clear and transparent price policy for hair transplant in Turkey. They can check each item included the prices, they can ask if they have question marks in their minds about the costs. We usually offer you some price alternatives without sacrificing our service and process quality.

Learn The Advantageous Packages & Campaigns of Hair Transplant in Turkey

hair transplant in turkey prices

There are mostly advantageous packages and campaigns which the clinics offer to the people have a hair transplant in Turkey. They usually offer this kind of alternatives and you may choose one as you wish. As a recommendation, all-inclusive packages usually become more advantageous.

We also have many package alternatives for our patients having a hair transplant in Turkey. As we just mentioned, the all-inclusive package, covering all the facilities we offer, is really most-preferred and useful. Once you contact us we can explain everything with their costs to you to ease your decision.

Explore What To Do After Having Hair Transplant in Turkey

Once you complete your operation of hair transplant in Turkey, this will be time to rest and enjoy. You feel so lucky again to be here in Turkey after the operation because you can explore this beautiful country with the different ways. There are millions of things to do and to see in Turkey. In all seasons, there are many enjoyable activities, cultural tours, delicious foods and plenty of good views just to look at.

We will guide you to smell the history and entertainment of Turkey. We will offer some places to see our cultural richness, natural beauty and also the unique luxury.

You will go back to your country with a successfully-done operation of hair transplant in Turkey, with many good memories and of course with plenty of nice pictures.


Are You Going Bald?: Differences and Similarities Between Hair Loss and Baldness

The natural structure of the hair and its healthy continuity vary. Although it seems that genetic codes are dominant, it is a mystery to us in our early ages, whether we will face with any hair loss and baldness problem or not, same with the whiteness in hair.

Each of us may become a candidate for the hair loss and baldness problem. Because besides genetic causes for baldness, it is also talking about air pollution, chemicals, nutrition, hormones and stress factors. If you are starting to lose your hair in one way or another, you should understand the source of your problem and its future direction.

In this article, we will discuss the difference between hair loss and baldness. We will also refer to prevention tips and hair transplant techniques to protect or regain the hair.

We hope that this article will ease your curiosity a bit and even relax you.

What Causes Hair Loss and Baldness

hair loss with stress

Every adult can lose their hair between 50 and 100 wires during the day. When you think your hair loss is exceeding this number for any reason, you should definitely consult an expert.

Hair loss has many different causes. These include hormonal (testosterone or estrogen) imbalances, pregnancy, stress and psychological problems. The reason can also be high fever diseases, vitamin deficiency, thyroid diseases, menopause, malnutrition, anemia, iron-zinc-biotin deficiency, or various hair diseases such as Seboraid dermatitis, Tinea capitis (fungal disease), alopecia, and also frequently hair dying or hair straightening. There are 3 levels of the hair loss which is defined by the importance of the situation: Slight, medium and extreme.

As a kind of the hair loss, diffuse hair loss is the name of general thinning of the hair. Both men and women can have diffuse hair loss. The appearance of the hair thinning can ordinary or random. Diffuse hair loss can see as patterned or unpatterned. The receding and thinning of the hairline or general thinning are patterned. But the loss of hair in patches on the scalp is unpatterned.

Baldness, on the other hand, is starting from the final stage of medium level hair loss. The starting in the hill region and the forehead zone is almost common. The head skin can be easily seen. To decide whether the hair transplant operation can be done, it is necessary to look at the adequacy of the donor area. After that point, the use of the supplements and pills do not provide any visible benefit. After hair transplant operation, medication and supplementary applications can use to feed the newly added hair roots.

Male Type Hair Loss and Baldness

baldness treatment 2018

It is the most common form of hair loss. It starts at the top of the head and disappears over time. The hair starts to get thinner. So, this region becomes bald. This process lasts for a long time and only a little hair remains in that zone. In recent years, male hair loss has begun to see at the age of 18. The main reason for this type of hair loss is the change in testosterone, an androgen hormone. Testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in combination with an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase. This hormone sends signals to the hair and causes the hair to weaken and become sparse. Early detection slows down or stops all of these reasons. Hair loss rate in males is 80 percent, which is very common.

Female Type Hair Loss and Baldness

Today, many women have hair loss problems. Especially stress, hormonal changes, wrong nutrition, pregnancy, menopause, wrong cosmetic use, over or rough brushing, hair dying and seasonal transitions cause hair loss. Although it is not as common as males, the frequency of hair loss in females is 20 percent.

Prevention and Treatment Tips for Hair Loss and Baldness

hair loss reasons

There are some options to do against the hair loss in the very beginning or if it is late for these, there are new generation clinical techniques to gain the lost hair.

• If the hair starts to fall and breaks, it is absolutely necessary to consult the doctor. The doctor will ask you for blood tests to analyze the situation

• The doctor also will check your hair with the devices that perform hair analysis. By using the results of this, the doctor can decide the appropriate treatment specifically for you, such as hair mesotherapy, oxygen hair care, ozone hair care, PRP cures.

• In late cases, you may consider the option of hair transplant. Hair transplant option is getting more and more popular in all around the world. You need to choose an experienced and successful expert and a good clinic for this operation. Searching is the most important stage.

The surgeon is performing a hair transplant for medium hair loss and full baldness under the local anesthesia and does not compromise the comfort of the patient. Seasonally, you can have it at any time. Your surgeon will decide on the most suitable and applicable technique for yourself.

Unshaven Hair Transplant: Is It Possible Without Shaving?

As the number of people who want to have a hair transplant is continuously increasing, the techniques are improving accordingly. One of the latest good news is unshaven hair transplant.

hair transplant without shavingIt was a big social disadvantage to shave the hair before and during the treatment. Some of the patients have given up the operation once they learn this disadvantage. Especially most women haven’t preferred to shave their hair during this process. They choose not to have a hair transplant instead of shaving their hair.

This new unshaven hair transplant technique can considerably increase the number of the hair transplant operation. In this article, we will review the unshaven hair transplant process and try to find the answers to our questions. Then, we will summarize the hair transplant pros and cons for you to make your decision easier. Lastly, we will inform you about the unshaven hair transplant cost performed by the clinics in Turkey.

Getting started: What are the methods of unshaven hair transplant?

There are now 4 shaving options for the people who want to have hair transplant treatment. They can choose whatever they want among all of these options: ‘fully shaved-both donor and recipient areas’, ‘shaved-only the donor area’, ‘partially shaved’-only an undetectable small area in the back of the head’ and if applicable, a ’complete unshaved-without shaving’ operation.

A short time ago, we couldn’t talk about the unshaven or partially shaven options for the hair transplant operations. Fortunately, hair transplant technics are improving day by day. The scientific authorities are announcing new technics and simplifications. Each new approach makes the hair transplant process more applicable and more preferable.
Let’s take a look at these new approaches together.

What is partially shaved hair transplant?

This was the first new option offers to the patients by some clinics. There is a method called U-FUE (Undetectable/Unshaven-FUE) which is a version of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

There are 2 different options for U-FUE. One of them is partially shaved hair transplant. It is an undetectable solution for patients who are unwilling to shave their hair completely for the treatment.

In this technique, the surgeon needs the donor area with long hair. Then they shave a tiny line from the donor area and collect the grafts. And finally, closes the area of shaved by using the long hair above it. Nobody can realize the shaven part, so you can easily turn back to your normal life.unshaven hair transplant

What is complete unshaved hair transplant?

The other option of U-FUE is hair transplant basically without shaving. This is complete unshaved hair transplant. In this method, the surgeon doesn’t use any linear shaven donor area. The complete unshaven operation is a much more effortful operation which needs a longer time to complete. However, with this unshaven hair transplant operation, you don’t need any time to grow your hair before turn back to your social life.

These two unshaven hair transplant options are such magical techniques offered to the women or the men with the long hair. The men with the short hair but don’t want to shave their hair also can prefer this operation. The men also can prefer these unshaven hair transplant techniques for their beards. However, as we say before, the surgeon needs long hair for this particular operation.
Who can get the unshaven hair transplant?

This is one of the most asked questions about the unshaven hair transplant. In order to have the partially unshaven hair transplant, you need to have a bit longer hair like 4 cm or more. Because in this method the surgeon has to use your long hair to hide the have shaven area.

If you choose complete unshaven hair transplant method, the surgeon needs to use your long hair again to extract and to transfer. In the complete unshaven hair transplant method, you need to have much longer hair like 10-15 cm.

How unshaven hair transplant performed?

unshaven hair transplant methods

There are 2 ways of performing the unshaven hair transplant. The undetectable unshaven hair transplant method is the same as the standard FUE. However, this time the surgeon pays attention to hide the hairless donor area. They a small linear shave on the back of your hair and applies the standard process. At the end of the operation, you and anybody else cannot see this linear shave because of the hair over this area. In the second method, which is completely unshaven hair transplant, the surgeon doesn’t use any area to shave. They use the donor hair extracted in its original length and implant them as long hair. The complete unshaven hair transplant takes longer because it’s very complicated and effortful.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of unshaven hair transplant?

Although there is a new option for not shaving the hair, the standard FUE is still choosing more. Because there are not so many clinics and doctors have the knowledge and equipment for the unshaven hair transplant operation. This new technique has a huge advantage by creating a chance to return to the daily routines and work. However, it takes more time to complete the whole hair transplant process. It is difficult to find an experienced specialist, fewer grafts can be obtained and it’s more expensive than the other “shaven” techniques.

If you check the unshaven hair transplant reviews, you may see that this is going to be the most preferred option in the near future. Because the people don’t prefer to be away from their social and professional environment. They don’t want to wait their shaven hair grow and want to pass their recovery period as smooth as possible.

Are there any clinics applying unshaven hair transplant in Turkey?

There are many clinics applying unshaven hair transplant technique in Turkey. This is very important to find a good surgeon to perform this effortful operation. Our clinic in Istanbul has the best price and the right clinic to have your unshaven hair transplant operation.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Hair Transplant Techniques

In this article, we are going to review 3 different hair transplant technique: DHI (Direct Hair Implant), FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

DHI Hair Transplant Technique

Direct Hair Implant, DHI, is the newest hair transplant technique that more people start to consider it instead of FUE and FUT.

In DHI operation, DHI Implanter uses as a tool. This tool looks like a pen and helps to transplant the hair from the donor are to the hairless area. It isn’t used any incisions, cuts and the stitches. As a natural result of this, there is almost no pain during this operation. People having this operation are so satisfied because of the results that look so natural, strong and lush.

hair transplant technique

Advantages of DHI method are its painlessness and easiness also hair density and naturality. This hair transplant technique is not exactly a surgical process because there are no scars and cuts on the head. And lastly, there is no need to shave the donor area for the operation. The first disadvantage of this hair transplant technique is the higher cost. Because it is the newest technique, there are not so many clinics performing this operation yet. Another disadvantage is about the duration because the hair transplant techniques include the grafts’ transplantation one by one. It takes 2-3 days to finish the whole process.

DHI cost is starting from € 2,500 in Turkey. You can start to search for this latest technique in order to turn back your hair appearance.

FUE Hair Transplant Technique

Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE, is one of the most preferred hair transplant techniques by men and women in the World. There is a tool uses in this method to extract the hair group from the donor area. The surgeon then transplants it in the hairless area on the head without using any linear scar. The first advantage of this hair transplant technique is that the resultant scars can be less noticeable and more spread out. The FUE method is also useful when only a small area of hair needs to be transplanted. For example, in the repair of scars or eyebrow transplants.

hair transplant technique

The first disadvantage of this hair transplant technique is to shave the entire donor area. Although there is a new no shave technique for FUE, it is not commonly using in the clinics yet. Also, its price is higher than the ordinary FUE technique. The other disadvantage is the largeness of the donor area to get the right amount of the grafts. The last disadvantage is extracted grafts during the FUE is more fragile. There are some side effects of the FUE operation such as bleeding, infection, itching, swelling, pain and hair shedding. But the frequency of them is rare.

FUE cost is starting from € 2,000 in Turkey and there are many clinics in Turkey performing this operation successfully.

FUT Hair Transplant Technique

FUT, Follicular Unit Transplantation, is one of the most popular hair transplant technique. It involves removing a small strip of tissue from the back of the head, from which the donor hair follicles extracted. People prefer FUT for especially advanced hair loss because it allows using the entire scalp area. The main advantage of this hair transplant technique is lower cost. The other one is that FUT allows for the highest number of grafts to be transplanted in one session.

hair transplant technique

The disadvantage is the scar in the donor area, as you already guess. There will be a linear scar in the back of your head after the operation. The complete healing takes longer time than the other methods. A successful surgeon may help you to have a smaller scar and also shorten the healing period. Last disadvantage is that the pain level is higher in the FUT operation than the other

FUT operation price in Turkey is starting from € 1,500.

As you have read in this article, there are 3 main hair transplant techniques using to regain the hair. If you are still searching a clinic with the best conditions and highest result-satisfaction, you may call or visit us.

We are one of the best clinics for this operation with well-experienced surgeons, welcoming services and fully-equipped, high quality operating/staying rooms. If you want to feel in comfort and safe before and during the operation and also see the perfect results without regret after the process, you may completely trust our professionality and expertise.

A Complete Guide to Hair Transplant – Things You Should Know

The hair transplant operation is with no doubt one of the most popular plastic surgeries on our planet. Outdone only by breast augmentation and a couple of other cosmetic procedures, this option is a solution for many balding men, although a hair transplant for ladies is also in the game.

However, the increasing number of hair transplant options and the rumors circling on the internet have caused the patients to become increasingly confused. They wonder about the effectiveness and the techniques they may choose to achieve the best results.

In this article, we describe the total timeline as well as the matters of technique, results, and the hair transplant post-op care. Hopefully, such a compendium will help some of the patients making a right decision.

Is Baldness Curable?

The constant popularity of hair transplant is caused by the fact that every year thousands of men realize that their hair starts to slowly disappear giving the place to bald spots. Unfortunately, the medicine is often not really helpful in dealing with this issue. Androgenetic alopecia and other hormone-related medical conditions cause a lot of damage to men’s self-esteem and there is no easy medical solution.

This is where hair grafts may become a salvation. More often than not a hair transplant for hairline is required for patients whose hairline recedes steadily. Additionally, in people who experience general hair loss, a hair transplant for thin hair is generally a good solution bringing some really spectacular results.


The most popular candidates for it, will be people who experience either a hair loss in a particular region of the head or a general one. Either way, there is a hope to fully or partially restore their old look if their condition is not caused by a particular disease which will affect the new grafts.

Hair Transplant Pros and Cons

Hair transplant pros and cons are as follows:

+ Most of the patients are satisfied with their results.
+ Success stories are quite spectacular and permanent – you will not lose them unless the balding process starts again later.
+ Hair transplant FUE technique promises highly effective treatment which is in the same time without the scar.

– It takes several months to see the final the results.
– In clinics (especially in Europe and the US), per graft cost calculation is a quite common practice so the more graft you need, the less affordable it becomes.

Hair Transplant Techniques

Throughout the years, numerous techniques were made available and competed for the attention and trust of patients. Some of them became successful while others felt into obsolesce. For example, hair transplant with laser (in which laser created the holes to plant the grafts), a trendy surgery in the 90’s, is nowadays an outdated idea with close to zero practitioners for lasers cause cauterisations of surrounding tissue and, as the result, impair the ability of hair grafts to adapt and survive.
Nowadays, there are two major techniques. These are:

FUE technique

In FUE method, the plastic surgeon harvests hair grafts one by one, hence allowing for a hair transplant without the scar. Later on, hair grafts are placed one at a time in the area which experienced the hair loss.

FUT technique

In FUT method, a strip of skin with hair grafts is removed and then the grafts are cut out from it. It is an older approach and many doctors have resigned from it in favor of FUE. However, some claim that FUT brings comparable results and the scar is easy to conceive.


Many clinics offer it with PRP. In PRP, one’s blood is turned into plasma and injected into the area in order to stimulate the hair growth. As for now, specialists do not conduct hair transplant from the donor for the risk of rejections is simply too high.

Finally, there is an option of transplant from the body to hair, recommended for people who lost most of their head hair but have an abundance of body hair. This method utilizes the fact that hair has an amazing ability to adapt to the body part it is translated to. Hence, body hair implanted in one’s hair will regrow as a normal hair.

Hair Transplant Costs

Hair transplant costs vary between clinics, cities, and even countries. As it is with other plastic surgeries, the prices are usually higher in well-known clinics of bigger cities. Additionally, in the West, the prices are usually much higher due to taxation and the costs of training of medical professionals. For this reason, many patients prefer to benefit from the booming medical tourism industry and travel abroad in search of affordable to make hair thicker or restore the receding hairline. When it comes to cost, Turkey and other health tourism destinations offer a tempting alternative. For example, a hair transplant in Istanbul may cost as low as 1.500 € and 1.780 € on average, which is a striking difference when we compare it with the West. In the UK, the same surgery will cost us at least 4.525 €.

One of the many reasons why in the topic of hair transplant Istanbul is one of the world capitals is the pricing issue. In the Western countries, it is normal to deduct the cost per follicle, while in Turkey and other medical tourism destinations, the price is often presented as a fixed package including even a hotel stay and transportation from and to the airport.

Choosing a Right Place & Surgeon

It is easy to say that we should look for hair transplant overseas, but how to do it? Numerous pages offer us hair transplant reviews which offer a clue as for which clinics are trustworthy and which have more hair transplant fails rather than successes on their account.

Another simple tip is putting emphasis on the specialty of a particular plastic surgeon. Especially in big hospitals, doctors often perform a wide range of cosmetic procedures, therefore lacking a specialization in hair transplant. It is better to search for clinics with large hair transplant experience.


There are a few ways to ensure that your hair transplant surgery will pass smoothly and your hair transplant healing won’t be obstructed:

• Abstain from alcohol and smoking for a couple of days before the procedure. Both of them badly affect the process of hair transplant recovery.
• Avoid medicines with the blood-thinning effect such as aspirin – you do not want to bleed excessively, do you?
• Arrange a stock of easy-to-prepare food and drinks at your home – you should limit your activities during the first few days to a minimum in order to get better quickly.
• Do not hide any medical issues you have or had in the past – they may have an influence on your reaction to medicines and anesthesia.

Hair Transplant Surgery

The surgery itself is pretty simple. In both hair transplant by FUE technique and FUT method, doctors harvest your hair grafts (though in the first one by one, and the second – in a strip). Then, holes which will host the grafts are punctuated in the area of your choice. Later on, the hair grafts are positioned one by one with care for their direction in order to provide a natural look of new hair. In the end, the donor area is covered with material to prevent infections and you are good to go.

Hair Transplant Recovery

After a hair transplant, a long process of recovery will start. However, only the first days require your increased attention and careful following the rules outlined by your doctors.

First of all, please remember that you should not take a shower for the first day or two after the surgery in order to not disturb the hair transplant healing process. Later on, you will receive a set of special shampoos and medications which you should apply to avoid possible damage to grafts. During the first week or two, you should avoid rubbing and pressing the new hair. In the same time, use mild water rather than a hot one when taking shower.

In hair transplant recovery period, it is crucial to take the prescribed medications such as antibiotics. As for painkillers, while there is no hair transplant without pain during and after the surgery, its amount is bearable for most of the patients. Use painkillers only if you feel like you can’t stand the suffering.

After a hair transplant, swelling is a natural occurrence. To minimize it, use a headband usually provided by the clinic.
Especially in the first one-two days avoid sleeping on a normal pillow. Rather, make use of a special U-shaped one. Also, remember to keep your head slightly above the whole body in order to decrease the blood pressure on your head.

Do not get surprised when your newly grown hair suddenly falls off after two-three weeks. They will grow again within the next months, only to bring final results within the first year.

Hair Transplant Results

After the surgery, progress is made slowly towards the final effect. The hair falls out and causes many people to panic. Is mine a hair transplant failure? – they often think and call their specialists for advice. We want you to remain calm in such a case – it is a totally natural process. The effectiveness is measurable only after months when new hair starts to peek out from your head.

After all, reviews make us rather optimistic when it comes to this surgery – success is a much more likely event. In rare cases, the hair transplant fails and it usually becomes a cause for a repeated surgery conducted for free by the clinic.

Risks & Complications

There are some risks, we can’t say no. Some patients experience excessive bleeding or an infection but these are easy to suppress and usually do not have long-term effects. To the biggest complications belongs to the failure but it is usually caused by patient’s negligence during the healing process.

Hair Transplant in Places Other than Head

Recent years have seen a spike in the number of more specific options. Hair transplant to beard is especially popular and helpful to people who have patchy, irregular face hair. Moreover, on eyebrows is a tempting solution for people who (partially) lost their eyebrows due to various factors.

Alternatives of Hair Transplant

Some people search for alternatives to a classical surgery. Unfortunately, they find out that there is no method of hair transplant without anesthesia.

To mild alternatives to it belong various medications which stimulate the hair growth and strengthens the existing hair. However, in larger cases of baldness, such solutions do not bring satisfying effects. is a clinic in Istanbul that highly specialized in hair transplant surgery. We are here to provide all the required information about hair transplant. We care what a patient needs and we are ready to help them in their health journey.