What Do You Know About DHI Hair Transplant?

As the demand for hair transplant increases, the studies on techniques continues without stopping. Both men and women who tend to have a hair transplant operation are beginning to investigate the latest techniques and trying to figure out the best one for themselves. In addition to the classic FUT and almost standardized FUE techniques, a […]

Could They Possibly Have a Hair Transplant?!

While we are used to seeing a celebrity with hair transplant, some of the people listed below would never come to our minds. Here is our list of unobvious examples of celebrities who could have had a hair transplant. Elon Musk The man behind Tesla SpaceX, and the Boring Company, Elon Musk seems like a […]

Are You Going Bald?: Differences and Similarities Between Hair Loss and Baldness

The natural structure of the hair and its healthy continuity vary. Although it seems that genetic codes are dominant, it is a mystery to us in our early ages, whether we will face with any hair loss and baldness problem or not, same with the whiteness in hair. Each of us may become a candidate […]

Advantages & Disadvantages of Hair Transplant Techniques

In this article, we are going to review 3 different hair transplant technique: DHI (Direct Hair Implant), FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). DHI Hair Transplant Technique Direct Hair Implant, DHI, is the newest hair transplant technique that more people start to consider it instead of FUE and FUT. In DHI operation, DHI Implanter […]

A Complete Guide to Hair Transplant – Things You Should Know

The hair transplant operation is with no doubt one of the most popular plastic surgeries on our planet. Outdone only by breast augmentation and a couple of other cosmetic procedures, this option is a solution for many balding men, although a hair transplant for ladies is also in the game. However, the increasing number of […]

Tips Before Having a Hair Transplant

You have a tendency to have hair transplant but have not decided yet? Here are a few important hair transplant tips things you need to know before starting your change. 1. Search deeply for hair transplant The first thing you have to do is search a lot. Many articles written about it and you may […]

Hair Transplant of Celebrities

When it comes to one’s health and look, celebrities aren’t that different from regular people. Sometimes they need to visit a doctor’s office as we do. Similarly, they are often very self-conscious about their bodies and the way they look. Therefore, plastic surgery procedures of various kinds are quite popular among celebrities. A hair transplant […]