Hair Transplant – What’s in and What’s New

Hair transplant surgery has undergone many changes over the last 70 years. After a classical FUT method, an FUE hair transplant technique was invented. However, the changes, even though subtler, are still going on, giving more hope and more comfort to patients who struggle with hair loss. Read: Hair Transplant Guide  In this article, we […]

Guide To Having a Hair Transplant In Turkey

As everyone knows, Turkey is the leader country of hair transplant operation. The reason for this leadership is related to more than one factor. In Turkey, we can easily adapt to the latest hair transplant techniques. There are many experienced and successful surgeons here. Most of our clinics are well-equipped and professional. The prices are […]

Unshaven Hair Transplant: Is It Possible Without Shaving?

As the number of people who want to have a hair transplant is continuously increasing, the techniques are improving accordingly. One of the latest good news is unshaven hair transplant. It was a big social disadvantage to shave the hair before and during the treatment. Some of the patients have given up the operation once […]