While we are used to seeing a celebrity with hair transplant, some of the people listed below would never come to our minds. Here is our list of unobvious examples of celebrities who could have had a hair transplant.

Elon Musk

elon musk hair style

The man behind Tesla SpaceX, and the Boring Company, Elon Musk seems like a real-life Tony Stark and a technological superstar. Some wouldn’t expect Elon Musk get hair transplant, for we associate such people with caring more about science than about themselves. However, we have news for you –most probably he had this procedure done. Comparing the photos from 2000’s and today, there is a significant improvement when it comes to his hair. Get over it – scientists also want to feel good with their appearance.




Chris Martin

coldplay chris martin

Chris Martin and his group Coldplay have been around for a while now. Their music was an inspiration for many and the singer himself may become one for people with hair loss issues. He is thought to be another example of a celebrity with hair transplant. For Chris Martin, hair transplant could be a way to match his strong and recognizable voice with ever-young appearance. We cannot say it was a bad decision!






Hugh Laurie

hair transplant of celebritiesWhile there is a huge gossip regarding whether Hugh Laurie is another celebrity with hair transplant, we need to disappoint you. His often shifting appearance suggests that famed Doctor House is rather an expert in covering up his baldness for his roles. Still, not being an FUE hair transplant celebrity isn’t always that bad. Hugh Laurie openly jokes about his hair and seems to be at peace with his appearance. And after all – being happy with the way you look is the ultimate aim of all cosmetic surgeries.


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Thom Yorke

thom yorke change over years

Thom Yorke and his characteristic voice make many of us thrill when we listen to the songs of Radiohead. His deep thoughts and many ways he tries to make this world a little better also not remain unnoticed. However, he remains a mystery in many aspects. For example, while he appears in many sites with hair transplant celebrity pictures, has he had the procedure? Some claim it’s a wig, others insist on him being one of the celebrities who made hair transplant. Without Thom Yorke telling us, probably we will never really know.


Edward Norton

hair transplant of celebrities

Edward Norton is an acclaimed actor who starred in movies such as American History X and Fight Club. While his performance is always superb, his hair wasn’t always such. His receding hairline from the 90’s is often confronted with more contemporary photos in hair transplant celebrity pictures compilations. As it happened with others in this list, with Edward Norton we aren’t quite sure but the evidence is strong. More likely than not, he had an FUE hair transplant. After all, when it comes to hair transplant, famous actors are just like us – we all want to look good and get rid of signs of aging.

Adam Levine

hair transplant of celebrities

Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 have conquered our hearts with hits like Move Like Jagger, This Love, and many others. For many, he is a symbol of male beauty – People even gave him the title of the Sexiest Man Alive. Still, he’s only a man and another subject of speculation. Is he yet another celebrity with hair transplant? His bold move to shave bald a couple of years ago has triggered a fierce debate regarding the state of his hair. Nowadays, he sports his longer hair again and while he is often listed among celebrities who made hair transplant, we will never really know.

David Beckham

hair transplant of celebrities

Apart from his achievements in football, David Beckham hairstyle remains an inspiration to many. After several years in the 2010’s when the football star struggled with receding hairline and thinning hair, nowadays we can again witness David Beckham with long hair. Is it magic or a discreet doctor’s intervention? Some suggest natural ways of hair restoration, while others want to see this miracle as the result of the hard work of a surgical team. David Beckham hair transplant will likely remain a mystery.



Chris Evans

captain america hairChris Evans is Captain America. It is as simple as that. The 37-year admitted as early as in 2011 that he struggles with the hair loss and wondered about his future in this unforgettable role in Marvel Universe. However, now we have 2018 and Chris Evans’ hairstyle remains a source of inspiration for many. It is hard to say what caused the restoration of his hair. Some would like to say that Chris Evans’ new hair is the result of a hair transplant, while others claim it is the result of a good diet and other natural hair rejuvenation methods. We can’t say either – is he a celebrity with hair transplant? What do you think?

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